Track These Five SEO-Marketer SEO Melbourne Metrics and Watch Your Monthly Performance Skyrocket

SEO is all about getting the results you need. However, for you to achieve success, you need to know how to monitor key metrics to get the results that you need. There is a multitude of SEO-Marketer SEO Melbourne metrics out there for you to track. But in reality, you’ll only need to monitor five of them. They are the following:


Organic Traffic


Organic traffic is the results that appear on the search engine results page that doesn’t include a placement. It’s easy to spot them – the title doesn’t include ‘[Ad].’ How you rank in the SERPs will determine the effectiveness of your SEO strategy, so make sure you track it all the time.



Local Visibility


Does your business have a physical store? Do you have more than one of them that local customers visit directly? If so, then you must keep track of your local visibility. Is your site appearing in the local three-pack for related keywords in your niche? Is it visible whenever people type the name of your town or city, along with the industry your business belongs? If not, you need to start working on your local SEO. Click here to talk to one of our SEO-Marketer SEO Melbourne experts about how to do local SEO.


Click-Through Rate


The click-through rate (or CTR) shows the average number of internet users who click on one of your URLs after seeing it in the search results. It’s something that you should pay close attention since it gives crucial information, particularly on how well your pages are ranking in the SERPs. It also indicates how appealing your content is to people.


Pages Indexed by Google


One thing’s certain about SEO: nobody is going to find a webpage in the search results if Google doesn’t index it. You will need to be particular about the number of indexed pages that are on your website. If indexing your pages takes an unusually slow turn, you can submit them manually using this Google Search Console option: ‘Crawl>Fetch as Google.’


Duplicate Titles and Descriptions


Finally, you can also use Google Search Console for finding duplicate titles and descriptions on your website. “No duplicate content” is a sacred rule in online marketing and is highly not advised. When multiple web pages have similar meta descriptions and title tags, it tells the search engines that all those pages are all about the same topic. It dilutes your topical authority and limits your ability to rank well on those terms since multiple pages of the same website is fighting for the same keyword niche.